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The purpose of Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry (JOCPD) is to provide clinically relevant information to enable the practicing dentist to have access to the state of the art in pediatric dentistry. From prevention, to information, to the management of different problems encountered in children's related medical and dental problems, this peer-reviewed journal keeps you abreast of the latest news and developments related to pediatric dentistry.


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Current laboratory research in pediatric dentistry

Andrea Scribante,Simone Gallo

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.028

Abstract ( 740 ) PDF (263.95 kB) ( 243 ) Full Text

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Effects of non-nutritive sucking habits on malocclusions: a systematic review

Cyrielle Sadoun,Laura Templier,Larry Alloul,Cecilia Rossi,Inés Díaz Renovales,Iván Nieto Sanchez,Patricia Martín-Palomino Sahagún

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.029

Abstract ( 968 ) PDF (473.18 kB) ( 268 ) Full Text

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Adhesion of tooth fragment after trauma: effect of adhesion strategy and storage in the rescue box

Asli Kaya,Blend Hamza,Nadin Al-Haj Husain,Kiren J. Mätzener,Mutlu Özcan

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.030

Abstract ( 912 ) PDF (3.31 MB) ( 267 ) Full Text

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Photographic analysis of orofacial soft tissue alterations related to rapid maxillary expansion in pediatric patients

Hande Uzunçıbuk,Maria Maddalena Marrapodi,Aida Meto,Gabriele Cervino,Marco Cicciù,Giuseppe Minervini

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.031

Abstract ( 838 ) PDF (975.13 kB) ( 204 ) Full Text

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Dental and skeletal maturation of Chinese male children with unilateral cleft lip and palate

Ying Guo,Huiquan Yang,Jing Pan,Qianhui Ren,Chenjie Yang,Fang Ji

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.032

Abstract ( 661 ) PDF (4.12 MB) ( 172 ) Full Text

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Assessment of oral bacteria potentially associated with the mobile microbiome in children with congenital heart disease

Sermin Dicle Aksakal,Yeliz Guven,Nursen Topcuoglu,Guven Kulekcı̇,Oya Aktoren

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.026

Abstract ( 922 ) PDF (479.93 kB) ( 205 ) Full Text

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Comparative evaluation of volumetric changes between two pediatric rotary files (Kedo-S plus, Kedo-SG blue) and manual files (hand K-files) during canal preparation of primary mandibular molars: an in-vitro nano-CT analysis

Balaji Suresh,Ganesh Jeevanandan,Vignesh Ravindran,Satish Vishwanathaiah,Ather Ahmed Syed,Nasrin Mokhtari,Atlal Hassan Hussain Jaafari,Tazeen Dawood,Prabhadevi C Maganur

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.033

Abstract ( 801 ) PDF (738.29 kB) ( 192 ) Full Text

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Awareness about emergency management of avulsed tooth among intern dentists—a cross-sectional observational study

Rizwan Qureshi,Azhar Iqbal,Sunitha Siddanna,Ujala Siddeeq,Farah Mushtaq,Bilal Arjumand,Osama Khattak,Saqib Sarfarz,Naif Abdulrahman Naif Aljunaydi,Abdulrahman Muharrab Mohammed Alkhaldi,Mosa Altassan,Esraa Ahmed Attar,Rakhi Issrani,Namdeo Prabhu

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.034

Abstract ( 698 ) PDF (302.08 kB) ( 171 ) Full Text

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Antibacterial effects of dentifrices against Streptococcus mutans in children: a comparative in vitro study

Kubra Tonguc-Altin,Senem Selvi-Kuvvetli,Nursen Topcuoglu,Guven Kulekci

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.035

Abstract ( 752 ) PDF (2.3 MB) ( 242 ) Full Text

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Prevalence of most caries-susceptible area on individual primary tooth surface: an observational study

Vinay Kumar Srivastava,Sheetal Badnaware,Aman Kumar,Mahesh Khairnar,Meenakshi Chandel,Vaishali Bhati,Pooja Gupta,Sannu Sonal,Shalini Ramasamy

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.040

Abstract ( 639 ) PDF (2.08 MB) ( 190 ) Full Text

Open Access

Enhancement plaque control in preschool children by an intelligent brushing guide device

Man Yang,JingXin Yang,Yuan Zhao,Hong Wei,Yingnan Shang

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.041

Abstract ( 821 ) PDF (2.66 MB) ( 199 ) Full Text

Open Access

Evaluation of pediatric dentists' knowledge and approaches to tooth discoloration

Dilara Demirkol,Seçkin Aksu,Seçil Çalışkan,Nuray Tüloğlu

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2023.075

Abstract ( 1141 ) PDF (308.13 kB) ( 232 ) Full Text

Open Access

Reliability of smartphone images to assess plaque score among preschool children: a pilot study

Magesh Vijyakumar,Asma Ashari,Farinawati Yazid,Haslina Rani,Elavarasi Kuppusamy

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.042

Abstract ( 578 ) PDF (852.21 kB) ( 143 ) Full Text

Open Access

Body mass index, oral health status and OHRQoL among special health care needs children and parenting stress: a case-control study in Southern Saudi Arabia

Sarah Aedh Alshehri,Zuhair Motlak Alkahtani,Faisal Ali AlQhtani,Sara Abdullah AL Rasayn,Reema Nasser Alasere,Shaima Abdullah Alqahtani,Rafi Ahmad Togoo,Tasneem Sakinatul Ain,Syed M Yassin,Meer Zakirulla

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.044

Abstract ( 734 ) PDF (332.23 kB) ( 158 ) Full Text

Open Access

3D evaluation of the maxillary sinus volumes in patients with bilateral cleft lip and palate

Ali Altındağ,Emire Aybuke Erdur,Ömer Erdur,İbrahim Şevki Bayrakdar

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.045

Abstract ( 667 ) PDF (2.07 MB) ( 161 ) Full Text

Open Access

Dentinogenesis imperfecta: case report with nanoceramic resin crowns restorative treatment

Maria Dolores Casaña-Ruiz,Neus Frechina,Filo Estrela,Montserrat Catalá-Pizarro

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.047

Abstract ( 821 ) PDF (4.63 MB) ( 231 ) Full Text

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Oral self-inflicted accidental trauma in patients with neurological disorders: a case report of dental management in infants with cerebellar hypoplasia

Angela Galeotti,Francesco Aristei,Alessandra Putrino,Silvia Vallese,Lorenzo Figà-Talamanca,Giulia Vallogini,Annelyse Martine Garret-Bernardin,Paola Festa,Fabio Magliarditi,Martina Caputo

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.048

Abstract ( 764 ) PDF (2.56 MB) ( 216 ) Full Text

Published Ahead of Print

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Retrospective evaluation of pediatric dental treatments under deep sedation

Akif Demirel,Nur S Önder,Merve H Kocaoğlu,Çağıl Vural,Şaziye Sarı

Online publish date: 16 April 2024

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.050

Abstract ( 222 ) PDF (316.87 kB) ( 134 ) Full Text

Open Access

Effect of electronic book ''Traumatic dental injury to children's permanent teeth'' on primary school teacher's knowledge

Prida Sulistyarsi,Eva Fauziah,Sarworini B. Budiardjo

Online publish date: 29 January 2024

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.027

Abstract ( 765 ) PDF (307.51 kB) ( 194 ) Full Text

Open Access

Assessment of severity and mineral composition of saliva in schoolchildren with molar-incisor hypomineralization (MIH)

Narmin Ismayilova,Ozge Erken Gungor,Huseyin Karayilmaz

Online publish date: 04 January 2024

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2024.024

Abstract ( 925 ) PDF (319.92 kB) ( 200 ) Full Text

Open Access

Management of oblique root fracture in the middle third of two maxillary immature central incisors with severe caries in mixed dentitions: a case report

Qi Sun,Juan Liu,Ni Zhou,Ru-zhou Feng,Nan-quan Rao,Kun Wang

Online publish date: 13 December 2023

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2023.097

Abstract ( 1181 ) PDF (1.63 MB) ( 263 ) Full Text

Open Access

Separate apical root formation of injured immature teeth: a case series and literature review

Minjung Kim,Yujeong Kim,Minju Song

Online publish date: 16 November 2023

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2023.095

Abstract ( 1520 ) PDF (3.57 MB) ( 231 ) Full Text

Open Access

Comparison between clear aligners and twin-block in treating class II malocclusion in children: a retrospective study

Jianfang He,Longshuang Hu,Yan Yuan,Peipei Wang,Feifei Zheng,Han Jiang,Wen Li

Online publish date: 28 September 2023

DOI: 10.22514/jocpd.2023.070

Abstract ( 1704 ) PDF (1.03 MB) ( 286 ) Full Text

Special Issues

Special issue title:

Caries Epidemiology in Children and Adolescents

Keywords: Caries; Epidemiology; Caries risk factors; Social determinants; Recent advances in dental caries diagnosis; Caries management; Caries prevention; Oral remineralization products; Acute complications; Randomized controlled trial; Caries treatment, Minimal-invasive dentistry

Editor: Dr. Carlo Eduardo Medina Solís, DDS. OSurg. MSc. PhD. DPH

Submission deadline: 30 September 2024

Special issue title:

Children and Adolescent Craniofacial Growth and Development

Keywords: Children/Adolescent; Craniofacial Growth/Development; Orthodontics; Tooth Eruption; Dental Anomalies; Various Techniques

Editor: Dr. Giuseppe Minervini, DMD, DS, PhD,Dr. Rocco Franco, DDS, PhD

Submission deadline: 30 June 2024

Special issue title:

New technologies and materials in clinical pediatric dentistry

Keywords: Technology; Material; Artificial Intelligence; Deep Learning; Restoration; Children; Pediatric Dentistry

Editor: Dr. Hong-Keun Hyun, DDS, MSD, PhD

Submission deadline: 31 January 2024

Special issue title:

Behavior Management in Pediatric Dentistry

Keywords: Behavior Guidance; Behavior Management; Children; Dental Anxiety; Pediatric Dentistry

Editor: Dr. Burak Buldur, DDS, PhD

Submission deadline: 17 February 2024

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Prof. Andrea Scribante, DDS, PostGrad(Orthod), PhD, MHA, MSc

Prof. Andrea Scribante currently works as an Associate Professor at School of Dentistry, at School of Dental Hygiene and at the Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics (University of Pavia, Italy). He is Clinical Resident of the Unit of Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry, Section of Dentistry, Department of Clinical, Surgical, Diagnostic and Paediatric Sciences, University of Pavia. He actively participates in academic publication, and has signed over 130 publications on Scopus/PubMed indexed international Journals. He is also the Editorial Committee/Editorial Board Member of many international journals, and a Top peer reviewer in Publons.